According to Chinese figures, teams from both sides are now in talks again, with the leading Nikkei index in Tokyo trading 0.1 percent higher at 21,279 points.

According to Chinese figures, teams from both sides are now in talks again, with the leading Nikkei index in Tokyo trading 0.1 percent higher at 21,279 points.

He already lived this as a real estate magnate. He doesn’t see trade as something that benefits both sides. For Trump, trade is a competition in which one side’s profits are necessarily the other side’s losses. The enormous trade deficit with China or Germany is in the eyes of Trump a defeat for the USA. This results in his aversion to free trade and sympathy for trade protectionism, with which he wants to «  » make the US « great again ». The fact that Trump is committed to tariffs could also contribute significantly to a misunderstanding.

He apparently believes that tariffs are paid by countries or foreign companies on which US tariffs are imposed. « Billions of dollars are pouring into the US government purse because of the tariffs imposed by China, » « the president tweeted around the end of November. However, this is a mistake: the duties are paid by the importers who import the goods on behalf of a US company. They usually pass the costs on to their customers or assume them themselves.

Occasionally, they succeed in getting their Chinese suppliers through price reductions – at least indirectly, the Chinese side pays for higher tariffs. However, it is not the case that customs are collected directly from factories in Shenzen or Guangzhou. Usually US companies or American consumers pay the tariffs imposed by the US government. But Trump is not impressed. Source: « The television duel between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is painful.

It’s sad to see what has become of the United States. But there is hope. Donald Trump versus Joe Biden – at the beginning it briefly looked like there was going to be a debate. However, it quickly became clear that this was going to be an unworthy spectacle, and the US President made sure of that.

He disregarded the rules, kept interrupting his opponent, kept talking in between. It became a show marked by noise and personal attacks – also by Biden. He called Trump a racist, a liar, a clown, Putin’s lap dog and urged the president to shut up. Trump bullied, sneered, lied.

It wasn’t about discourse. His aim was to prevent a debate. The President succeeded. The purpose of the televised debates is for candidates to explain their positions and plans so that voters can form their opinion.

It goes without saying that there have always been violent arguments and biting remarks. Trump was spiteful and aggressive in the debates with Hillary Clinton four years ago, but that appearance was something completely new, and it hurt to see the level of political controversy in the United States. These 90 minutes of abuse and disrespect are a sad example of how bad things are for US democracy right now. Trump ignored the rules and lacked decency not only in the debate. The president is constantly breaking norms without which democracy cannot function.

It sows distrust in democratic institutions. As irreconcilable as Trump and Biden were, the US is deeply divided. The country has now reached the point where the US president is unwilling to distance himself from racist groups.

Instead, Trump even shouted to the right-wing extremist «  » Proud Boys «  »: «  » Hold back and be ready. «  » That sounds anything but reassuring. A US president has to defend democracy. But Trump doubts the legitimacy of the elections and speaks of massive fraud by the other side. He refuses to promise to recognize the result of the presidential election even if he is defeated, but it doesn’t have to come to that. In its history, the USA – in contrast to Germany – has always managed to correct bad mistakes itself.

Many Americans are fed up with the undignified Trump show. At the moment it looks like it will be enough to end it in November. Source: « Investors on Asia’s stock exchanges are cautious at the start of the week. The focus was on the further development of the trade dispute between the USA and China .

According to Chinese figures, teams from both sides are now in talks again, with the leading Nikkei index in Tokyo trading 0.1 percent higher at 21,279 points. The MSCI index for the Asian markets excluding Japan, however, lost 0.3 percent. On the foreign exchange market in the Far East, the euro rose 0.1 percent to 1.1384 dollars.

The dollar rose moderately against the Japanese currency to 107.36 yen. Good morning! My name is Jan Gänger, and I’ll be with you today through the stock exchange day. Source: « With the crash of Wirecard shares, more than five billion euros in market value vanished into thin air – in just one hour. The Board of Management tried hard damage limitation and speaks of «  » personal hostilities «  ». This is probably called a deep fall. In the middle of last week, the share of the payment provider Wirecard temporarily fell by almost 25 percent, on Friday it then went further down despite several trading interruptions – by up to 31 percent. In just one hour, around five and a half billion euros of stock market value were destroyedWhat’s going on?

In the opinion of the board of directors: Much excitement about nothing. The «  » Financial Times «  » had caused the crash. On Wednesday, the newspaper first reported on possible document forgery and money laundering by a manager of Wirecard in Singapore. On Friday, the newspaper replied and reported that a law firm commissioned by Wirecard had discovered evidence of financial irregularities. Wirecard rejected the reports as «  » defamatory and inaccurate «  ».

In the «  » Handelsblatt «  » CEO Markus Braun now spoke of a «  » non-story «  ». «  » We have worked everything up. There is no risk whatsoever. We didn’t have to make any corrections or adjustments in the accounting, « said Braun. There are no other processes. «  » Our shareholders will experience a strong 2019, «  » he announced.

The share price jumped more than 12 percent. According to the «  » Financial Times «  » is in an internal report by the law firm Rajah Tann spoke of a suspicion of falsified bookkeeping, fraud, corruption and money laundering. Top management learned about this on May 8th last year. The claims are misleading, said a company spokeswoman.

True, be Rajah Tann commissioned by Wirecard to monitor compliance with regulations. However, the law firm never found any significant misconduct in the bookkeeping. While the newspaper reported that the lawyers commissioned by Wirecard had identified possible criminal offenses in several Asian countries and in Germany, a spokeswoman for the Munich public prosecutor said that from the point of view of the Bavarian investigators it existed In April 2018, according to Wirecard, an employee in Singapore expressed concerns about alleged rule violations by a colleague. These had proven to be unfounded. There were also indications that the allegations could also be related to «  » personal hostilities «  » between the employees involved. The police in Singapore have meanwhile started an investigation. «  » The police are investigating the matter, « said a police spokeswoman for the » Handelsblatt « .

But she did not say in which direction it is being determined. Wirecard, based in the Munich suburb of Aschheim, processes online payments between consumers, retailers and banks for corporate customers around the world and collects fees for them. The group benefits like few others from the worldwide shift of payment flows to the Internet. One of the partners is Apple. Wirecard was founded in 1999 at the height of the Internet bubble and quickly focused on payment transactions on the Internet. The first customers were mainly casinos and porn sites because they were already using online trading back then. Since then, however, many customers from other industries have been added – Aldi and TUI, for example, Lufthansa or O2. The company caused a lot of talk last autumn when it ousted Commerzbank from the Dax.

At that time, the company was worth more than 23 billion euros and even overtook Deutsche Bank. The rapid crash is not a new experience for Wirecard. In the past, there have been repeated unproven allegations against the company, which were followed by a slump in share prices and investigations into market manipulation by the financial regulator. For this reason, former executives of the SdK shareholders’ association were convicted several years ago. A criminal warrant is pending in Munich against the publisher of a publication published under the company name «  » Zatarra «  ». Wirecard shares fell by a quarter in February 2016 after Zatarra Research accused the company of fraudulent activities.

A decision by the Munich District Court on the allegation of market manipulation is not expected before April. Source:, with AFP / rts « North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un can be satisfied: The US President pays him respect and provides the American military presence in South Korea Donald Trump, on the other hand, only flies home with vague announcements. For Kim Jong Un, the meeting with Donald Trump was a complete success. Whether the reverse is also true remains to be seen. Even if – as is so often the case – nothing from optimistic announcements North Korea’s rulers got something that seemed unthinkable a short time ago: A US president meets him on an equal footing and legitimizes North Korea’s unjust regime.

And all of this Kim has achieved without giving anything worth mentioning. Trump flies home with Kim’s vague confession that he might not use nuclear weapons. He had already announced this seven weeks ago at his meeting with South Korea’s head of state Moon, so this is not progress. There is also no schedule, and no specific steps have apparently been agreed. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s bad when both sides talk to each other. On the contrary.

And maybe Trump will actually succeed in ensuring nuclear disarmament and lasting peace on the Korean peninsula. Then this President deserves the greatest credit. But it’s not that far yet, regardless of whether the two sides may have made arrangements behind closed doors: In recent years, North Korea had repeatedly promised denuclearization after talks with US government officials and went further than it does today. For example, the country announced that it would allow nuclear inspectors into the country or sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

That never meant an end to nuclear armament – of course not. Because nuclear weapons are the regime’s life insurance. It cannot therefore do without them. The security guarantees promised by the USA do nothing to change this.

Trump is currently demonstrating unequivocally how indifferent he is to the commitments he has made. Last year he threatened North Korea with «  » total annihilation «  ». And now the North Korean leadership should trust him and scrap their nuclear weapons? While the US is acting completely new under Trump, North Korea is acting as always: The government is escalating the situation and is being rewarded by the US with concessions for returning to the status quo. However, no US president has paid such a price as Trump, not only because Trump publicly pays Kim respect – and North Korea remains silent.

Trump describes the joint military maneuvers with South Korea as «  » provocative «  » and as expensive «  » war games «  » and announces their end. He also holds out the prospect of US troops withdrawing from South Korea, and the systematic human rights violations in the country are only a minor matter for Trump. Tens of thousands in North Korea’s camps are suffering from unimaginably cruel conditions. Four years ago the United Nations published a harrowing report. And the US student Otto Warmbier died after 17 months in captivity in North Korea. «  » It’s tough there, « says Trump now simply. «  » It’s also tough elsewhere. «  » So far, Trump has given Kim a lot – and got little in return. Source: « The Frankfurt stock market started the day with slight losses. The Dax dropped 0.1 percent to 12,313 points , the MDax remains at 26,060 meters.

For the TecDax it goes 0.1 percent down to 2908 points. I would like to briefly introduce myself: My name is Jan Gänger, and I will be with you today through the stock market day. Source: « (Photo: AP) Oil prices are staying at a high level. Yesterday, prices for US Crude oil WTI and Brent crude oil from the North Sea each reached their highest level in three months. Currently, both types of oil are only traded just below their highs. A barrel (159 liters) of Brent costs $ 67.11, three cents more than yesterday Eve.

The price of a barrel of the American West Texas Intermediate (WTI) rose 17 cents to $ 57.33. According to market observers, oil prices will be supported by recent developments in US oil reserves. It was announced yesterday that the American Petroleum Institute (API) had reported an increase in crude oil inventories of just 1.26 million barrels for the past week. The official inventory data of the US government is expected this afternoon. I haven’t even introduced myself yet: my name is Jan Gänger and I will be with you today on the stock exchange day. Source: «  » Really great job market report «  », US President Donald Trump tweeted. (Photo: REUTERS) Fresh labor market data in the USA caused a surprise. Because despite the Corona crisis, the unemployment rate fell according to the statistics.

Now it turns out: There is a big mistake in the figures. When the US unemployment rate for May was published last Friday, many interested people rubbed their eyes. Because despite the Corona crisis, according to the Ministry of Labor, it was much better than generally expected. US President Donald Trump reacted with satisfaction to the new figures. « Really great job report, » « he tweeted, praising himself as » « great » « and adding, » « kidding but true » « . But that’s not entirely true.

Because at the end of its report, the competent authority for labor market statistics (BLS) pointed out that there had been a significant error in the survey. In other words, the US unemployment rate is actually higher than the statistics show – by three percentage points, which means that the unemployment rate in May was 16.3 percent instead of 13.3 percent.