All the victim has to do is open a manipulated document.

Hidden scripts in the Python programming language then do the rest – unless the user has already released the update to version 6.0.7 (for the more stable Still version) or to version 6.1.3 (for the more experimental Fresh version) for LibreOffice. Version).

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OpenOffice users continue to live dangerously

OpenOffice users continue to live dangerously. The Apache Foundation initially provided an update for the office software suite, which was insecure up to version 4.16.

The specialist portal «  » Heise Online «  » advises more experienced users to temporarily secure their computer by renaming or removing the file in the OpenOffice installation folder. Everyone else should take extra care or refrain from opening documents from unknown sources.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Whether with office packages or control programs: Anyone who does not buy software online directly from the manufacturer can run into many problems. This is shown by a study by the Federal Association of Consumer Organizations (vzbv).

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In the worst case, buyers did not receive a license key despite payment. The vzbv has set up an online form for complaints or information from those affected.

In their investigation, the consumer advocates also criticize the fact that many providers do not disclose that they offer used software licenses. Warning signals are abbreviations such as OEM, retail key, MAR or recovery version. In addition, there was often no response from the provider to questions and problems. And many shops did not teach at all or in the wrong place about the right of withdrawal.

The bottom line is that the study shows that serious and dubious software offers cannot always be clearly distinguished, according to the vzbv. There could also be dubious providers behind supposedly trustworthy sites: Neither the prices nor the site design are reliable indicators of trustworthiness. As part of test purchases, the consumer advocates even successfully acquired license keys that were 95 percent cheaper than the manufacturer’s recommended price.

Microsoft publishes its messenger app «  » Kaizala «  » worldwide for Office 365. The free software is similar in many ways to WhatsApp, but wants to serve a different target group.

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In addition to Skype, Microsoft offers another app for exchanging messages: Kaizala. The software has been available for Android and iOS since 2016, but so far Microsoft has mainly promoted it in Asia. The Pro version is now starting worldwide for Office 365 customers and should be available in 40 languages.

Kaizala is similar in features to chat apps such as WhatsApp. Here, too, users can chat with friends, create groups and share files. However, Microsoft mainly promotes the app for companies. This can be seen in various functions: In Kaizala, meeting dates, announcements or checklists can also be created and shared with other users. Video chats are missing.

In addition, Microsoft offers the Pro version of the app for Office 365 customers free of charge. Microsoft usually charges $ 1.50 a month for this. The Pro version offers, among other things, more options for group management or analysis and politics essay topics

Further functions are planned in the future to make teamwork easier. In the long term, «  » Kaizala «  » could become a competitor for the popular collaboration tool «  » Slack «  ». 

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So far, more than a million users have downloaded the app from the Google Play Store. Over 10,000 users rated it with an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you want to try the app, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store and App Store.

Sources used: Own «  » Microsoft makes Whatsapp alternative available worldwide «  » Microsoft: «  » Microsoft Kaizala rolls out to Office 365 customers globally and will become part of Microsoft Teams «  » show more sources less sources

Boiling emotions in front of the US President’s office: Chief of Staff John Kelly has obviously clashed violently with Security Advisor John Bolton. According to informants, it should have been about the controversial issue of immigration. 

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Two of the closest advisers to US President Donald Trump have apparently clashed violently in the White House. In front of the president’s office, the Oval Office, Chief of Staff John Kelly and National Security Advisor John Bolton had a heated argument on Thursday, said two people familiar with the incident.

John Bolton (left), John Kelly and Larry Kudlow: There are apparently repeated power struggles and conflicts in the Trump administration. (Source: imago / Ron Sachs / Zuma Press / archive image)

The emotions are boiled up. The point of contention was how illegal immigration should be addressed. It was also about Homeland Security Minister Kirstjen Nielsen. One informant spoke of a «  » tense exchange «  » that has subsided. Another insider said it was «  » no big deal. When asked about the incident by journalists, Trump said: «  » I haven’t heard anything about it. «  »

Trump threatened Mexico on Thursday with the military closing the border if its southern neighbor does not stop the flow of migrants from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to the United States.

Power struggles and resignations in the Trump administration 

President’s Office spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said the government is passionate about solving the problem of illegal immigration. “But we’re not angry with each other.” “Since Trump took office in January 2017, there have been repeated power struggles and conflicts in the government, which have resulted in various resignations.

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US Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen: Nielsen was a close associate of Kelly when he was Secretary of Homeland Security. (Source: imago / Ron Sachs)

According to a senior presidential official, Bolton and Nielsen had a nice chat in Bolton’s office after the incident. The «  » New York Times «  » reported some time ago that Nielsen was on the verge of resigning after Trump accused her of failing to protect US borders at a cabinet meeting.

Sources used: Reuters

The candidates of «  » Survivor «  » had to get by on a desert island with little water and food. But only one person could win in the end: a musical actress from Bonn.

Since September 16, Vox has broadcast the first German season of «  » Survivor «  » on TV every Monday at 11.10 p.m. The candidates were abandoned on an uninhabited island and had to fight for survival from the start – for 39 days. In the end, however, only one candidate was able to prevail.

«  » Hold on, outsmart, defeat! «  » Was the motto of the island show. One candidate was unbeatable: Lara Grünfeld from Bonn won the show on Monday evening and won half a million euros.

Lara Grünfeld has won: The surprised musical actress can hardly believe her luck. (Source: «  » Survivor «  » / Vox)

The 35-year-old «  » Survivor «  » is an actress, lives in Cologne and works as a musical performer in Bonn. For example, she was on the stage on Godesberger Allee for the musical « 99 air balloons, the 80s fun ». There she plays the role of «  » Rosie «  ». But now it is first of all to find your way back to everyday life.

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«  » It’s a completely different life. But I have as much fun on stage as I do on the island – it’s just a little tougher there, of course. I had a lot of fun with both, it’s just a different kind of fun on stage. «  »

Sources used: «  » Express «  »: «  » Bonner musical actress leaves island as a rich woman «  » Vox: «  » She did it – Lara wins ‘Survivor’ «  »

Los Angeles (AP) – «  » Wolverine «  » star Hugh Jackman (50) wants to go on a world tour next year. This will fulfill a dream for him, said the Australian actor and singer on the « Today Show » « on NBC.

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Together with an orchestra and 30 singers and dancers, he will present his favorite songs from films and musicals such as «  » Les Misérables «  », «  » Greatest Showman «  » and «  » The Boy From Oz «  ».

The tour «  » The Man. The Music. The Show. «  » With more than 30 appearances will start on May 13th in Hamburg and end on July 20th in Hollywood. According to the tour website, twelve performances are planned in Europe, including in Berlin (May 14), Cologne (May 16), Mannheim (May 21), London, Paris and Amsterdam. Then Jackman wants to travel across the United States.

The « Wolverine » actor has shown his singing and dancing skills many times. In the musical film «  » Greatest Showman «  » he last played the famous circus pioneer P.T. Barnum. In 2004 he won a Tony trophy for best male performance in a musical («  » The Boy From Oz «  »).

Berlin (dpa) – It’s such a thing with Take That. Either you were happy if you could change the radio station on «  » Never Forget «  ». Or you loved the band so dearly that the walls were plastered with posters in the 1990s. Take That, that was kind of heartbreak and bumper cars, secret «  » Bravo «  » – reading and enthusiasm.

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Almost 30 years later, the boy band’s music comes back to Germany. As a musical. One could ask: have we got that old yet? The piece has a quick answer to this. Yes, somehow. On Thursday «  » The Band – the Musical «  » was shown for the first time in Germany, in Berlin, followed by Munich in autumn.

To get one thing straight: It’s not really about Take That. Instead, the story revolves around five girls in 1993. According to the BBC teletext news, « Jurassic Park » is in theaters and Bill Clinton is sworn in as US President.

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The girls are fans of a boy band. The band is not named, but sings take-that songs. So music with drawn out oooohs and texts that stay in the ear but shouldn’t be translated. An accident occurs after a concert. The women lose contact and meet again after 25 years.

The musical tells something about crushes, friendship and the question of what will become of early hopes. The women compare what they wanted to be in the past and what has become of them. The music is something like a wallpaper in the lives of the fans, as the band last called it in an interview with the « Berliner Zeitung ».

How many have tried to mend their relationship with «  » Back For Good «  »? Or put on the Bee Gees cover « How Deep Is Your Love? »? Many know the children’s choir at the beginning of «  » Never Forget «  » and the lyrics of «  » Relight My Fire «  » («  » …. your love is my only desire «  »).

Take That are considered one of the most successful bands in Great Britain. Teddy bears and love letters landed on their stages. Then Robbie Williams got out in 1995 and in 1996 the separation came. For many teenagers an unparalleled drama. Later there was a comeback, drug problems, concerts, new farewells.

Meanwhile, three of the five members are still on the road as a band. Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, and Howard Donald have beards and families today. They recently presented the musical that they helped to produce in Berlin.