So keep going until you get to the top

So keep going until you get to the top

Mistake 5: Better to use too much than too little perfume

The smell should be positively remembered and leave a good impression. Too much, however, can quickly become penetrative and aggressive – whether for men or women. A moderate dosage is therefore preferable to excessive spraying. So it’s better to apply too little than too much.

Skin care is important so that the smell can develop even better. Skin that is sufficiently hydrated transports the scent better than dry skin. Body lotions that have a similar smell as the perfume are ideal for care. This will prevent the smells from biting or canceling each other out.

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The retail sector has suffered a severe blow from the Corona crisis. A traditional company is not spared from this either: active shoes. The company wants to reorganize itself.

These companies are threatened with bankruptcy in the Corona crisis
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The corona crisis is affecting the retail sector – now it is hit a traditional shoe retailer: Aktiv-Schuh. The 120-year-old Berlin company has filed for insolvency in self-administration due to impending insolvency – the court approved this application. This is reported by several specialist media in unison.

In this special form of insolvency, business operations continue. The company wants to renovate itself, however, the retail chain is to be realigned. The Aktiv-Schuh-Handelsgesellschaft also includes shops under the name "Shoe City" or "Hammer shoe". There are a total of around 60 branches – mainly in Berlin but also in other cities in northern and eastern Germany such as Leipzig or Greifswald.

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According to Aktiv-Schuh, the reason for the impending insolvency was the corona-related lockdown. The online trade could not balance the stationary business. Even after the lockdown, these sales losses could not have been made up.

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New season, new attitude towards life: With the beginning of spring, many wake up from deep sleep. The lighter clothes are taken out, the sunglasses put back in the handbag and a fresher perfume is applied. But what’s new in the world of fragrances? And do smells affect our brain?

Do perfumes affect the mood?

In fact, a scent can have a very direct effect on mood: the aromas act directly on the brain via the nose and give the body the signal to release certain hormones such as serotonin. And these are, among other things, responsible for the feeling. For example, the right scent can trigger positive emotions. Those who like to be sensual should opt for perfumes with a hint of vanilla. The scent of roses ensures a good mood. Perfumes with this floral note not only lift the mood – the scent of roses is relaxing and seductive at the same time.

Since smells are remembered and affect a person’s appearance, it is even more important to choose the right scent and wear perfumes wisely.

Which fragrances are trendy this year?

After the winter months, nature smells again: the scent of freshness belongs to spring like the first warm rays of sunshine and the fresh green of the leaves on the trees.argumentative essay outline Those who like to change their perfume regularly can now find some new fragrances in stores.

"In general, there are fewer fruity perfumes than in previous years", stated Elmar Keldenich. However, the managing director of the Federal Association of Perfumeries names an exception: "Tangerine is an absolute trendsetter when it comes to fragrances for them. Bergamot also plays a major role here." Peach or ginger are the tips from Martin Ruppmann, Managing Director of the Fragrance Foundation Germany. They would have a relaxing effect.

Classic scent notes are no longer "in"?

In addition to fruity and spicy ingredients, according to Ruppmann, perfumes made from white flowers are a spring theme for 2017. In general, floral scents play a major role in spring and summer. This is confirmed by Marie Le Febvre from Berlin, who works as a freelance perfumer in the development of numerous fragrances. "So rose is still one of the popular ingredients." After all, the queen of flowers gives a perfume feminine elegance.

Another classic is also back this season: musk. "However, this should not be imagined as the sultry, heavy musk nuances that used to be found in scented oils", explains Keldenich. "The current musk notes smell like freshly washed laundry." Thus, they are completely in line with the summer trend towards lightness.

This also applies to orange blossom. "Neroli – as the oil that is extracted from oranges, is called – is now also playing a dominant role"explains the industry expert.

Match the perfume to the time of day

Overall, however, the development is moving away from seasonal trends and towards more event-related fragrances, explains Ruppmann. Where in the past your favorite perfume was worn around the clock, today you switch from perfume for the office to the more precious fragrance for the evening and the fresh version for sport and leisure. "This doesn’t just apply to women. This trend can also be seen in men"says Ruppmann. "You can tell this very clearly from the fact that appropriate advice is increasingly in demand in perfumeries."

Which fragrances are trendy among men?

There are also some novelties for men. "These include, for example, classic vetiver chords"explains perfumer Le Febvre. The sweet grass of the same name from Asia is now cultivated in many tropical countries and is the raw material for a perfume oil that is extracted from the roots of the grass. And it’s a real classic: the first men’s fragrance with vetiver was launched back in the 1950s.

"Spices are also popular with men", reports Keldenich. "The focus is primarily on pink pepper, but ginger and coriander also develop their typical aromas." The perfume expert finds it unusual "the fact that this summer there is also a trend among men for oriental notes, which were otherwise reserved for the colder months of the year."

Ruppmann, however, sees "a big topic for men in fresh aquatic fragrances". This looks fresh at first, then gradually develops a masculine note. "Lemon and spices are also often found in current men’s fragrances."

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Before buying: try it out

Before deciding on a perfume, you should definitely smell it. The best way to do this is: your skin! Because here the scent notes of the perfume mix with those of your skin and result in a unique scent. The paper strips from perfumery are therefore less suitable for smelling samples.

A knot, a bow and you’re done – tying your shoes is not difficult. But if you take some time to thread your shoelaces, you can put your shoes in the limelight.


Tying your shoes: the cross tieThe parallel tieThe shop lacingThe right laces for every shoeTips to prevent shoes from opening

There are several ways and methods you can use to tie your shoes. An overview from classic to elegant:

Tie your shoes: the cross tie

Most traditionally thread the shoelace in a kind of zigzag – the cross tie. The two ends of the shoelace cross over each other alternately. Tied in this way, the straps fit most shoes.

Shoelace Etiquette: How to Tie Shoes Correctly
Photo series with 10 pictures

Instructions: You start at the lower end of the shoe and thread the tape through the two holes from above. The two ends of the tape should be the same length. Now thread both ends alternately from bottom to top through the eyelets. Always stay in the same rhythm, that is always first left and then right or vice versa. This results in a regular and symmetrical picture.

In our slideshow you can see the instructions with pictures.

The parallel bond

A horizontal and parallel lacing is particularly suitable for elegant and discreet shoes with few eyelets, such as a Derby or Oxford. The side panels cover the tongue, which makes them ideal for parallel binding.

Instructions: Start by threading the first row at the bottom from the top. Now take the left end of the tape and pull it diagonally through the second eyelet from below and then from above into the opposite eyelet. Thread the right end of the tape into the next diagonally opposite eyelet from below and then also directly into the opposite one. Proceed in this way up to the top.

The shop lacing

You get a similar look with the so-called factory lacing. This is how shoes are laced by the manufacturer for sale.

Instructions: For this lacing, start with the lower end and pull the ribbon ends through the first row from above. It is important that one end of the tape is longer than the other. How much longer depends on the number of eyelets. Now pull one lace from below through the top eyelet on the other side. You thread the other lace from below through the next diagonally opposite hole and from above into the parallel opposite one. So keep going until you get to the top.

The right laces for every shoe

A simple rule for choosing the right laces is: the more formal the occasion, the simpler the laces should be. You can’t go wrong with simple round shoelaces that are color-coordinated with the shoes. Flat shoelaces usually look sportier and more casual. They go better with sneakers or boat shoes. Elastic straps offer comfort during sports activities.

An unimagined variety of shoelaces is waiting in the shoe shop. Waxed laces are a real classic. The wax layer offers extra protection to the worn band. It wraps itself around the eyelets better and flatters out less quickly. Shoelaces made of leather can be elegantly tied and wrap around every curve. The trend topic of suede can also be found in shoe laces. Some manufacturers don’t even stop at fur. However, such eye-catching shoelaces are usually better worn with cool sneakers.

Tips to prevent shoes from falling off

So that the shoes don’t come open again and again, you should tighten the knot and bow tightly. An extra knot above the bow helps, but doesn’t really look elegant. Waxed cotton laces hold better than synthetic variants. Another option for sporty shoes are laces with a stopper at the end of the straps.

In the video you can also see a tying technique with which you can tie your shoelaces into a tight bow in just a few simple steps.

Shoelace flaw

The laces should always be clean and intact and match the shoe and the occasion. A pair of stylish purple laces in the elegant brogues are a fashionable eye-catcher and can be worn for a party or for everyday work. If you have an appointment with a new customer or work in a very classically oriented company, this could be too much of a good thing.

You can put a little more effort into exclusive footwear. An indiscriminate zigzag lacing or twisted ribbons look rather loveless. In order for the laces to look good, care should be taken, especially with flat straps, that they do not twist. Such flat shoelaces hold better, which is why they are more intended for sports. In this respect, they usually look unsuitable for noble patent leather shoes or fine Budapesters. Even if a break in style can be cool, it is better to use round, waxed or leather laces.

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The correct length of the laces

Attention should also be paid to a length that matches the shoe. The ribbons are usually available in two to three lengths. A five-hole eyelet fits 75 centimeter long straps. With only two or three eyelets, short 45-centimeter straps are sufficient.

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If it’s warm and the strap rubs against your foot, you quickly have a blister on your skin. But what can be done about it? Socks are an option, but not really aesthetic. An expert has advice.

Shoelace Etiquette: How to Tie Shoes Correctly
Photo series with 10 pictures

Summer is the time of strappy shoes, slippers, sandals – and unfortunately also of blisters. The warm, humid climate between skin and shoe favors their development.

Trick helps against blisters

But there is a trick to prevent the nasty pain points: rub some powder or talc on dry feet and, if necessary, put something on the shoes. "I learned that in Italy, because there you would never wear socks in open shoes", says Claudia Schulz from the German Shoe Institute.

The powder absorbs the moisture and thus offers some protection against blisters.